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Fire Your Boss Real Estate Podcast

Apr 17, 2020

Learn Land Investing:

If you have been following my weekly emails or watching my videos you should know that I feel very strongly that investing in vacant land is the best way to get started in real estate. There are so many great benefits, including lack of competition, major discounts, and huge potential upside that is unique to this investing niche.

I began my journey investing in vacant land 3 years ago and have been on a wild ride that I was not expecting: I did not expect to be able to purchase property at such discounts, I did not expect to be able to build an online business at scale the way I have, and I certainly did not expect to serve so many customers like you in such a time frame. I truly did not comprehend the value that others would see in providing discounted property on the market.

It turns out the secret to my success has been largely sourcing hugely discounted property - then secondly marketing and selling the property online (which it turns out is not that hard!). The system that I have built is easily duplicatable and frankly I am not special! I just happened to follow a process that works and have stayed focused on the mission of offering the widest variety of discount vacant land on the market for the areas where I have invested in.

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